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Importance Of ELV System Design Consultant For Managed SOC

SOC also known as a security operations centre is a dedicated unit that deals organizational level security issues of a business. A security operations centre acts like a building facility that is used by security personals to supervise the operations of a business with a range of data processing technologies.

Performance of a security operations centre needs to be active enough to overcome the possibility of even a single security attack. Active supervision of managed SOC can better be performed by third-party service providers as comparing to in-house security staff. They have experience and expertise of dealing with the same operations every now-and-then.

Importance Of ELV Design Consultant For Managed SOC

Among the rest of third-party security personals, employing an ELV advisor is more significant as compared to others specialized in the rest of security areas. Different components of a security operation centre normally operate on extra low voltage, so the presence of an ELV advisor is significant in the following manner.

Role They Perform:

Security operations centres are fully automated systems for preventing and monitoring events that may cause data breaches and attacks. An ELV design advisor assists and coordinates the security architectural teams to maintain the quality of design and protection of the program and system they are maintaining.

Duties and Responsibilities:

While working inside a security operation centre, ELV design advisors are responsible for the information technology, telecommunications, and extra low voltage contents. They also supervise meeting with the rest of security workers to make the business more effective and secured.

They visit the operation centre on a regular basis and analyse that the working standards are satisfactory. They contribute with the rest of security personals and provide on time assistance if required. They ensure an on-going monitoring of every event to overcome any unwelcome situation.

Skills and Experience:

The requirements for ELV design advisors at security operations centres are always the same. In a common observation, an ELV design consultant Qatar locality is normally employed at security operation centre in the same locality if he has completed his degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. More than 3 years of practical experience are also subject to acceptance.

The experience level they possess must be related to their practical work related to extra low voltage systems. They must have a clear understanding of the distributed control system, supervisory control and networking along with automation management system. They must have experience in implementing international standards for design and also knowledge of the local code.

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